Oxygen-jet application method

The advantage is the completely painless and very fast introduction of active agents into the skin. Our O2 Balance microprocessor controlled cosmetic spray system employs this technique to introduce cosmetic active agents into deep layers of the dermis.


• Forehead wrinkles • Crows’ feet
• Cheeks
• Chin

• Upper lip creases
• Frown lines
• Large-pore complexions • Nasolabial folds
• Marionette lines
• Lip contour/volume

HIGH-TECH oxygen spray cosmetics for treatments with depth effect!

The O2 Balance cosmetic spray system atomises the low molecular active agents and employs a brusher to apply them to the skin with the help of molecular oxygen.
The brusher generates an atomised spray of active agents by utilising an oxygen jet.

Due to the pressure and the resulting high flow rate of the O2 spray jet the atomised agents can effectively be introduced into the epidermis and massage deeper layers of the skin.

Thus, skin perfusion is improved and the complexion becomes smoother after the first treatment already. With the help of the patents licensed operating heads, the hyaluron infusion module makes connection with the molecular oxygen module.